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Who are the Mennonites?


Mennonites trace their origin to the reformation of the sixteenth century (the Amish and Hutterites are also part of that movement); some of the distinguishing practises of the Mennonites were baptism on an adult's confession of faith, and living peacefully (refusal to bear arms, even in self defence).


Although Mennonites are primarily Dutch and German until the twentieth century, today their world wide number (about two million) are made up of about 60% from non-European nationalities. The Ethiopian Mennonite Church is the largest group in the world wide Mennonite family.


Mennonite Church Canada, the branch of the Mennonite family that Aberdeen Mennonite Church is part of, is also a member of the Canadian Council of Churches.



Aberdeen Mennonite Church is the only church in Aberdeen, welcoming and including people from a wide range of denominational backgrounds (Mennonite, Baptist, United Church, Anglican Quaker).


Aberdeen Mennonite Church is affiliated with Mennonite Church Saskatchewan. which sponsors an accredited high school, camps (year round facilities) and prison visitation (inter-church sponsored).


Aberdeen Mennonite Church is also affiliated with Mennonite Church Canada, which is involved in international Church planting ventures, and in sponsorship of Canadian Mennonite University (Winnipeg).


Aberdeen Mennonite Church is also an active member of Mennonite Central Committee, which is involved in domestic and international programs of disaster relief and sustained development programs.


LOCATION:  501 Rupert Rd., Aberdeen, SK S0K 0A0


Denominational Affiliations:

  Mennonite Church Saskatchewan

  Mennonite Church Canada

  Mennonite Central Committee




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